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Travel Time Africa, Best tour operator in Accra, Ghana providing group and private tours. Our equipped and dedicated team handles private group and educational tours across  Six (6) country in Africa; Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. With Travel Time Africa Your safety and happiness is our priority. Leave us a review after your trip on Tripadvisor and on our website review section.



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  • Find Out where To Go On Safari Now
    The well-known journal Science journalism reports that antibody studies are indicating Africa has been doing pretty well with the global pandemic Coronavirus. We don’t know why for sure, but experts suppose Africans may have developed immunities from more exposure to benign coronaviruses that cause common colds. Another theory is that regular exposure to malaria and other pathogens […]
  • New Updates On Covid-19 For Our Dear Travelers
    Please take note of this — Coronavirus cases remain high across the globe. World Health Organization and other health officials caution that travel increases your chances of getting and spreading the virus. Below is information on what to know if you still plan to travel, last updated on June 19 Traveling to Africa during Covid-19: […]
  • Top 5 Best Restaurant In Accra, Ghana
    Are you on your next trip to Ghana and would love to taste some of our outstanding and delicious dishes? Ghana is as flooded with tourist as it’s flooded with water. In other words, authentic foods can be hard to find. Travel Time Africa guides have built this list of the top 5 best restaurant […]
  • The Ultimate Tips & Tricks To Rock As a First-Time Solo Traveler
    Hey lovely people! This is Carly Licernia Jarrah over here. Today I’ll love to share with you few things to keep in mind if you’re trying to go ‘solo’ on your upcoming trip. Are you traveling alone for the first time? Are you on your way to become a solo-traveler? Kinda feel daunting right? or […]


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