Any group tours to Ghana 2024 ?

Yes there are a good number of group tours to Ghana in 2024. Our popular group to to Ghana 2024 can be found here December in Ghana 2024
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I’m A Tour Operator, Can I List My Tours On Travel Time Africa?

We invite exceptional tour operators in Africa that are creating authentic experiences onto our platform. To submit your business send an email to with the subject: Partner. Make sure you include some of your tours in the email so that we can properly evaluate the fit. Please limit your proposal to day tours only.

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Is Travel Time Africa Safe?

Yes it is safe to travel with Traveltime Africa, We verify every curator with an identity, background, and social check. Our market manager in each city not only maintains close relationships with our curators  but is also on call when things go wrong. We also have built partnerships with local law enforcement, health, and security officials to ensure we have a plan and support in the event of an emergency or unforeseen event.

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Can I Make Changes to This Itinerary?

Absolutely. We encourage you to be open about everything in the proposal – what you love and what you’re not sure about. The beauty of our service is that we’ll refine  it until you’re 100% happy and ready to finalize your booking.

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Will I Need A Passport For My Trip?

Yes. Every trip or holiday booked with Traveltime Africa requires a passport. Your passport will need to be valid for at least six months from the date you return home. So, for example, if you plan to return from your trip on 30 November 2020, your passport will need to be valid until at least 30 May 2020. You’ll also need two blank pages for each of the countries you’ll be visiting.

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Why Did You Build Travel Time Africa?

We are tired of seeing Africa as either the place you go to “help people” or the place you go on Safari. There are amazing African cities that will wow you, so we wanted to show the world a different perspective. Our goal for building TRAVEL TIME AFRICA  is to help everyone to see a more attractive, sexy, authentic side of Africa you never knew about.

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What Types Of Accommodation Do Travel Time Africa Offer?

We have access to a vast range of accommodation, from chic safari camps and lodges, boutique hotels and island resorts to private family houses, 2,3,4 star hotels, Guest houses, Apartments and more.

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What Health Precautions Do I need To Take When Visiting Africa?

That’s a great question! However, there are a few basic health matters that require care and attention if you plan on visiting Ghana or any part of the Africa continent. Here are a few guidelines for you to address with your general practitioner or your doctor. Please also check with your health department prior to departure for any changes in health regulations. Your African tour operator will also be able to inform you.

a) Malaria
As most southern and eastern Africa safari destinations do have occurrences of malaria, a lot of the camps are quite remote and the chances of contracting malaria are low. However, it is definitely worth taking preventative steps. Both chloroquine resistant and normal strains of malaria are prevalent in Africa. Malaria is transmitted by a very small percentage of female Anopheles mosquitoes. They are generally active in the early evening and throughout the night, usually when one is sleeping or sitting around campfires. Expert opinion differs regarding the best approach to malaria prophylactics. It is important to bear in mind that malaria may be contracted despite taking tablets, especially in areas where chloroquine resistance has been reported.

Please remember that the best insurance against contracting malaria is to try to prevent being bitten, so use mosquito repellents liberally. Wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers/slacks in the evenings. You should spray your room prior going to dinner with an insecticide like Doom which will kill any mosquitoes that may have flown into your room. Mosquito coils are also effective. We do suggest you contact your own doctor prior to leaving for your African holiday, to advise him/her of where you will be travelling and let him/her prescribe the best suited prophylactic. If you become ill on your return, while still on prophylactics or even once you have stopped, make sure that your doctor does everything necessary to establish that your illness is not malaria. Malaria is not a serious problem if people take basic precautions. If caught early on the disease can be effectively dealt with.

b) Water
It is very important that you drink plenty of water especially if you travel to Africa during the warmer months. Dehydration is possibly the single biggest cause of ill health on an Africa safari. It is generally recommended that guests drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day to limit the effects of dehydration. This excludes tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages, which act as diuretics and actually contribute to dehydration. If water is not fit for human consumption then the lodge or hotel will advise guests and supply drinking water, but bottled mineral water is readily available at most places anyway.

c) Bilharzia
Bilharzia is a disease, which is common in most large bodies of water in the southern half of Africa. In the unlikely event of bilharzia being contracted, it is easily diagnosed by a simple blood test and easily and effectively treated with biltracide. We recommend a test is taken after any African holiday, where you may have swam or drank water from rivers or lakes.

d)Tsetse Flies
Tsetse flies are large day time feeding flies occurring in certain low lying and hot safaris areas such the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe or the Okavango Delta in Botswana. They prefer shady conditions and are attracted to movement, carbon dioxide and lactic acid secretions. We advise that you wear light colored lightweight clothing on your Africa safari. Avoid deep blue and black (as tsetse are attracted to these colors) to lessen the chance of being bitten by these flies.

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What Is Travel Time Africa?

Travel Time Africa, a travel management company  dedicated to providing guided, cultural tours throughout select countries in Africa. Also we bring convenient and affordable travel to our cherished customers.

Travel Time Africa started operations in April 2017. Since our inception, we have run several tours  for our travelers at a reasonable cost. Locate our office  in Accra (Ghana)

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